Love and Business

21.11.2010 § 1 Comment

The Law of Impermanence
Sometimes I hear people say that a business is “established”, and somehow this implies that the main work is done and the business owner can now relax and enjoy the fruit of his or her labor.

When a passionately in love couple separates for a while and meet again, before the meeting, mixed with the excitement there could be the apprehensiveness, “Does she/he still loves me?” This was common in old days when the two have not communicated for a while; however, even for now a day, when long distance communication is very available, this could happen. Why then, if we believe we truly love each other passionately, do we loose the confidence of the loyalty of our loved ones? Does this shed the light of truth that we know things are transient? No matter how beautiful and lovely you are, your loved one could change his or her mind, regardless how much he or she wants to be faithful to your love. The power of cause and condition that happens around us simply is too overwhelming for our weakly conscious mind to wrestle with it.

Established business is like the accomplished love affair, it can change for the better or for the worse. The only way to keep up with the love affair is to constantly cultivate and make possible the conditions to allow the love to be reborn over and over again. A married couple’s love can get old because they fail to cultivate new conditions to recreate their relationships.

Therefore, a good businessman understands the law of impermanence and is diligent.



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