Garage Door and Kung Fu

29.03.2011 § 1 Comment

The house was bright this morning with the sunlight streaming in through the windows. While I rushed to my car and pressed the opener for the two car garage door, I thought, what a large, heavy thing that is, can I lift it myself if the electricity is out?  What would I do without this little thing day in and day out?

I thought of the Kung Fu class the other day. The Kung Fu master was teaching the grabbing technique.   My father used to talk about the grabbing technique when I was little, I knew he was very good at Kung Fu; I listened with attentiveness but never truly believed it.  It was merely a romance to me, like the Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, those people who can “fly over the eaves and walk on the walls.”   How can a weak, small person win over a tall and strong guy with ease, I thought?  But when the Kung Fu master explained the technique and I practiced the routine, it made sense.  Like the garage door opener, if it can operate things much larger then itself, what is there not to believe?

Picture of my Dad practicing Kung Fu Picture of my Dad practicing Kung Fu

The first anniversary of my Dad’s death is fresh in my mind. All the unbelievable old arts he knew are now gone with him, not even a chance to hear about them, let alone to experience them.

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