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I sometimes compare notes with a friend of mine who is a successful business man.  He told me about one of his employees one day.  He said:

I was talking to a newly hired employee who has great skill in what he does. I told him that he can be groomed to advance himself in his work and that I would like to present him with more challenges as a part of the training process.

He was in my office today, upset that he was given a lot of work without extra pay.  He was also upset that his colleague kept acting like his boss, making him feel mistreated.  I told him that a leader should take up the challenge of handling several things at one time and prioritize; a leader would also be emotionally intelligent and not be affected negatively by others’ behavior.  A leader leads by example and attains respect from his team.  The respect is not from the authority that is given to the leader but is earned from the kindness the leader holds for his team and his genuine interest in their welfare.  Then I saw a little cloud pass by his sharp eyes; he told me that he does not want to be groomed.

I admire the standards that my friend has set and would like to emulate them.  Perhaps this employee realized that he did not have the confidence to replace his resentment with compassion.  Perhaps we are asking too much of people that they posses this quality in order to become leaders in our companies?

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