Alexander McQueen ~ The Wait

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The ticket box had posted a note saying the waiting line was closed for the Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibit at the Met; the ticket officer said it was because there were too many people. People waited in line anyway. I was standing at the main staircase landing area near the first step. The line started to trail down the The Line for the Alexander McQueen Exhibitstaircase. The security guard came out and hollered at the people that they should not be standing in the staircase. They did anyway. Someone complained how the museum did not plan this well enough, making things so crowded and unorganized, but the security guard responded that this was the first time the museum had had this many attendees.

The line finally started to move by 1:20p.m., one and a half hours since I had started to wait. The line moved inch by inch, and I got in by 2:30p.m.

Thursday was an open-late night. If I wasn’t so exhausted and needed to go to the washroom, I probably would not have come out as early as 7:00p.m. My, by then the line was as long, if not longer. The first room outside of the show was the 19th century European art exhibit. The line continued through the Roman room, the Near East room, the Mesopotamia room, and the 2nd floor hallway. All four sizes were filled with people.  They broke the line at the staircase, but the line started again at the lobby. When I walked out the door, people were still rushing in, even though the sky had started to become slightly dusky.

I had a telephone conversation with a friend who is a scientist in New York that night. I told her about the wait and the show, telling her that she must see the show. She took my suggestion and went on Saturday, the day before the show ended. She waited a total of 5 hours, but she thanked me for persuading her to go. She also sent me a picture of the line outside of the Met stretching all of the way across the street. Oh my…

The Line for the Alexander McQueen Exhibit

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