Our Printed Polyurethane Faux Leather

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Why the pigment will not wear off
Since we introduced Filigree and D.I.Y. this fall, I have received questions from designers who are concerned about the color pigments wearing off after heavy use. Some clients had bad experiences in the past and therefore shy away from using printed surfaces.

This is understandable. Printing on “plastic” has not traditionally been used for upholstery purposes, and therefore the technology was not designed for heavy abrasion. If a product developer does not have enough experience in the contract seating business or has not thought it through far enough, he or she may not even consider this issue. I was interested in the printing idea quite some years ago. Our first two printed polyurethane patterns Mineral and Zebra were introduced in the fall of 2008. I had already researched the printing ink and printing procedures for abrasion purposes back then. With many, many yards of Mineral and Zebra sold so far, some to hospitals, we have yet to receive any complaints on these two products.

Filigree and D.I.Y. are printed in the same way as the aforementioned two by the same mill. From both a manufacturing standpoint as well as the market track record, there should be no worries regarding the pigment wearing off.

Below are the photos of the 100,000 double rub tested specimens for the Filigree and D.I.Y. products. Each fabric is tested in two sets in two directions.

Filigree Abrasion Test Results

Filigree and VarsityFiligree Abrasion Test ResultsFiligree Abrasion Test Results

D.I.Y. Abrasion Test Results

D.I.Y. ImageD.I.Y. Abrasion Test ResultsD.I.Y. Abrasion Test Results

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