All-Purpose Cleaners for Our PU

14.06.2012 § 1 Comment

Would you dry clean your sofa?

For our polyurethane product, we typically recommend that clients clean it with soap and water. In a tough stain situation, the “solvent resistant finish” on our polyurethane means that rubbing alcohol or a solution of 1:5 diluted household bleach to water is also safe to use. All of these cleaning agents have been tested at Brentano and in our mill’s lab along with Windex, Murphy’s oil soap, and Formula 409.

That’s not an exhaustive list because clients often have specific cleaners they want to use. Recently I was asked about using dry cleaning chemicals, namely Perc and hydrocarbon solvents. According to our mill, there are many kinds of hydrocarbon solvent products. The exact chemical formulas are usually trade secrets, so it is difficult to find out exactly what is in a particular solvent, and the only way to find out what kind of effect it will have is to test it.

We encourage our clients to test the chemicals they want to use on memo samples to see if there is any damage or if they notice any immediate effects like dullness or color change. My guess is that since hydrocarbon solvents are so strong, even if there is not a noticeable effect on the surface, they will probably slowly tarnish the polyurethane surface over the years.

(By “Perc,” this particular client probably meant Perchloroethylene, the chemical used for dry cleaning by dry cleaners. It is toxic, so when testing it on a memo, you should wear a mask and gloves and do it in a ventilated area.)

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