Added Value of Brentano Polyurethane

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I received a request from one of our reps to explain what makes our polyurethane products unique, focusing on Jetset and Essence. More people may have the same question, and I am happy to share.

1)     Unlike some of the faux leathers on the market that use polyurethane resin made for the fashion industry, our polyurethane products are designed for the furniture industry. The resin formula is designed to last and stay in good condition for a long time compared to products that are made for fashion purposes which will deteriorate in a few years.

2)     Our polyurethane faux leather is uniquely designed and colored by the Brentano Design Studio and marketed only by the Brentano brand. The soft hand, color, pattern and luster are outstanding, and the function of our faux leather goes beyond what real leather can do.

3)     Both Jetset and Essence are designed to withstand the application of household bleach for disinfection purposes. The lab test standard only keeps a 1:10 bleach solution on the fabric for 10 minutes, but our own lab test uses a 1:5 solution for 8 hours and shows no noticeable change on the surface of our polyurethanes.

4)     In addition to bleach and alcohol, other household cleaning agents may be used to clean our polyurethane faux leather product.

5)     The two common chemicals that are not recommend on our polyurethane faux leather are a) acetone (nail polish remover) and b) acids( such as nitric acid etc.)

6)     You can download the green stories for these products from our website. Our polyurethane faux leather products are made with environmental conservation in mind and are degradable which is unlike PVC (vinyl) which is not degradable.

7)     Our faux leather’s breaking strength and tearing strange meet contract requirements and can be used in any public spaces without the concern of breaking under these forces.

To explain these two tests:

Breaking Strength: The amount of pressure that the material can take before it breaks.  It is measured by pound or kilogram.  Jetset’s tested warp and fill average 175 lbs (80 kg) and Essence’s tested warp and fill average 85lbs (38kg).

Tearing Strangth: The amount of pressure the material can take before an already torn material will start to tear farther. Jetset’s tested warp and fill average 12.9 lbs (5.8 kg) and Essence’s tested warp and fill average 4.64lbs (2kg).

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