Rhythm Collection

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As long as there is pattern, there is rhythm.

Pulse from the Rhythm Collection

Color, space, composition, and structure all compose visual effects. Rhythm is the combination of some of these elements—and the focus of Brentano’s fall 2013 Rhythm collection.

Visual rhythm usually forms from the repetition of lines or the same abstract shapes or the modulation of colors. Often times I refer to it as abstract or geometric rhythm. This notion of the word rhythm first came into my mind when I was reading Cezanne’s paintings, especially those paintings that anticipated Cubism.

Gardanne - Paul Cézanne

Gardanne, 1885-1886
Paul Cézanne

Another artist whose work screamed rhythm at me is Constantin Brâncuşi. Every single piece of Brâncuşi’s work has a rhythmic quality, which is true to Cezanne as well. I’d say any good art piece has rhythm.

Constantin Brâncuşi

Constantin Brâncuşi

In our fall collection, every new pattern has this kind of visual rhythm. There are the large banana leaves of Calypso, our largest-scale pattern ever, and how the beautiful yarns of Riff create a dynamic texture. Because of how textiles are produced, they naturally have repetition and pattern, and as long as there is pattern, there is rhythm.

Calypso from the Rhythm Collection

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