The Magic of Color

04.09.2013 § Leave a comment

Last weekend I burned my peanut soup so badly that I had to open all the doors and windows in the house to exhaust the toxic air. With everything open, a big, long, black bug flew into the kitchen during dinner. It bumped its body against all the windows surrounding us in the dining area. I could not tell what kind of bug it was; the closest I can describe is a huge winged ant. It was too slender to be a cicada or a beetle yet too long and large for a wasp or a firefly. I had a sense of creepiness while I watched the bug with its two long tails dangling, furiously flying over the dining area. We finally opened a screen-less window to allow its escape—or our escape I should say.

This morning, while I was parking my car at Brentano, there was a grasshopper sitting on the parking sign in front of my space. Its fresh green color caught my eye and gave me a sense of the lovely summer morning. Upon my arrival, the grasshopper got alert and opened its wings and flew away. I notice the moment it took off, the length of the wings and the way the two long legs stretched in the air, and all of a sudden it reminded me of the bug from the other night. The two looked so similar.

The two colors gave me two totally different feelings. How miraculous what color can do for us!

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