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We are forecasting interior color trends again this season. There are always nuances of differences in the colors used in different sectors of interior design (homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, etc). However, if you look at them over time, the overall color cast does show a consistency across the sectors. Colors were warm with a yellow cast during the 1990s; the 2000s were a transitional time; and now they have definitely cooled and have a red cast. During the 1980s, mauve and plum were big in the contract market, so we can see the pendulum has swung back to red again except now we are seeing different hues with a red cast. 

I’ve noticed that neutral colors are selected a lot, but when using color as an accent, the accent color is brighter compared to those from the 1980s and 1990s when mauve and plum were in vogue. The overall colors are getting clearer and lighter now, which is closer to the Mediterranean color sense.

This is true for the colors we’re forecasting for 2014, even the coral color which, although a yellowish red, still looks relatively cooler than orange. Charcoal and linen, being neutrals, are very much used nowadays. The color of clear gold is starting to get noticed again too, especially the metallic gold I consider a color/neutral. So is deep blue sapphire, another color/neutral. Seafern is the name we chose to describe the “clean” color that’s bluer than celadon but greener than the soft turquoise color that’s already very established and has been very popular for Brentano. It’s a color intended to bring a soft, refreshing atmosphere to an interior without being cold.


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