Garden of Fallen Camellia, Blooming Jade

21.03.2014 § 2 Comments

My sister-in-law has a ranch house in Sunnyvale, California, that’s a five minute drive from the Apple computer headquarters. I have gone to her house during Christmas for over 15 years. Recently our stays have gotten shorter, so we get together, eat, chat and leave. And since it’s been cold outside I have not bothered to walk the small backyard for years.

jade tree

This year, the days were warm and we had time to stroll in the garden. It is an insignificant backyard, but my eyes were fresh and I looked at everything curiously and saw beauty in everything. I don’t remember when the jade tree grew to be so big, laden with clusters of blossoms. The black metal panel set against the wall behind the thick branches of the jade plant dotted with its small pink flowers formed a great composition that looked good at every angle. The piles of fallen magnolia leaves created a beautiful brown color scheme—at times accented by the grey cat that would sit in the middle. Then there were the fallen camellia flowers with their partially brown and partially fresh pink petals quietly lying on the concrete path. I thought to myself, “Wooo, I would like to take a month sabbatical to come here to paint these scenes.”

I suppose I felt it would not be enough to put these motifs into textile designs. I was itching for my old training of oil painting.

lemon tree brown and pink camellia
brown leaves jade tree

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