St. Viator High School

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One day I received an email forwarded from my meditation center. A catholic father who taught a world religion class was looking for someone to come to his junior/senior class for a Q&A on Buddhism. St. Viator High School is about a 15 minutes drive from Brentano, so I answered his call and have been going to his class every year for five years.

Last week when I went to the school, Father Brost and I greeted each other as usual. I noticed that the front office had become the president’s office and his name was on the sign. Father Brost calmly told me he had a new job, and I calmly said yes. We only see each other once a year for one hour, and before I know it, it’s been 5 years. I feel like I have known him for a long time although each of our conversations has been limited to coming and going from the classroom. Our relationship is like a winter day’s afternoon sun: calm and pure, with us just going about and doing what’s needed before we part until next year.

St. Viator High School ClassroomI had a good Q& A session again this time. The students were intelligent, and I never mind making the quick trip to St. Viator to meet some young people. I am curious how young people behave nowadays and want to know about their classroom. I usually feel like I’m in a jungle when I walk through the forest of tall high school students in the hall during recess time. The students are always energetic, but cordial.

I took a picture of the high school classroom, and I also took photos of the words that were on the walls:

  • The goal of religion is not to get us into heaven but to get heaven into us.
  • For success, attitude is as important as ability.
  • The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

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