Water Tag

14.07.2014 § Leave a comment

water tagFor select fabrics in our Brentano Green line I designed a parchment paper tag to attach under our regular sample tag. It reads:

The practices used to produce this fabric are water conscious. By making this selection, you are helping Brentano conserve water.

The person who benefits the most from this tag is me. Whenever I catch myself wasting water, I feel ashamed and immediately correct myself. I ask myself, how could I champion a cause but act contrary to it? The water tag has turned into an alerting mechanism in my daily life; I am more alert when using water and am more conscientious.

Sometimes when I pass an employee who is in the middle of washing his or her dishes and is letting the water run freely between utensils, I have the urge to reach out and turn it off. My mind quickly evaluates if this action will cause resentment within that person or not. If not, I will carry out my urge; if yes, I will stay put.

Everyone has his or her own perspectives on life. I have set some guidelines in our company on “green mindfulness” such as water usage, recycling etc., but they are voluntary guidelines. I wouldn’t discriminate against anyone who chooses not to comply. I value compassion towards all walks of life, and I understand that it is not an easy thing to always live introspectively and mindfully. Mindfulness is a lifelong practice one needs to willingly engage in. Yet I thought to make some noise on the subject so maybe people will notice and see my point.

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