Starting a Blog
It is either that I have too many observations or too deep of a perception, I often am compelled to tell and to share. It is this urge to communicate that pushed me to write. I have for a long time kept a diary, when I had no one to share my deep thoughts; I talk to myself by writing it down in my diary. Writing became an enjoyment when the sparkles of ideas to express the complex feeling are carried out. I start to enjoy the mixture of telling and the art of writing.

Then I learned English. I wish I could write well in this language but I never had a good reason to practice in a consistent way. When blogs became popular, I had an urge to start a blog in Chinese, I had reservoirs of writings I could post, but then hesitated to open up myself completely. Life unravels and many connections in various facets of my life started to push me to share again. It is like a bucket welled up and about to overflow. So I have decided that this is the opportunity to practice writing in English and share my thoughts.

Suppose someone wants to know the background of a writer when reading her work, here is a resume to share some of my background

  • English Name: Iris Wang
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: Republic of Korean, 1954
  • Mother tongue: Chinese Mandarin
  • Second best language: English
  • Third language: Korean (not as good)


  • Elementary school: Overseas Chinese Elementary School in Tague, Republic of Korea
  • High school: Overseas Chinese High School in Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • College: BFA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, Republic of China 1975
    Major: Oil painting / Minor: Modern Dance
  • Graduate school: MFA, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA 1981
    Major: Printmaking / Minor: Stage Design

Work Experience

  • First job: Print shop dark room technician (I was bad at it) 1982
  • First business started: Iris Wang Flowers, Oak Lawn, IL, 1985
  • First volunteer job: Teacher, Chicago North Chinese (language) School 1981~1984
  • Principal, Chicago North Chinese (language) School 1987~1989

Current Works:

  • Vice-president, Design and Marketing, Brentano, Inc. Wheeling, IL 1990~current
  • Current volunteer work:
    • Resident Teacher, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, Mt. Prospect, IL since 2004
    • Consultant to the Administrative Committee, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, Mt. Prospect, IL since 2003.
    • Associate Publisher: Dharma Drum Publication, New York since 2000
    • Treasurer, Board of Director, Dharma Drum Retreat Center, Pine Bush, New York since 2005

Miles Stones in Life:

  • Came to US in 1978 after two years of teaching in Taiwan
  • Got married in 1980
  • First baby born: 1984
  • Became US Citizen: Around 1990
  • Started Brentano Fabric Company with husband E-kwan Chen in 1990
  • Became a Buddhist in 1992
  • Started to teach meditation in 2004
  • Celebrated 20 years anniversary for Brentano 2010

– Iris

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